FilGoal | News | Costa on Suarez: One of us scored and the other bit … I don’t know how they left Barcelona


Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa spoke of Luis Suarez, the newcomer to the team, marveling at Barcelonas decision to dispense with the player.

Suarez wrote his debut for Atletico Madrid against Granada, scoring twice and the industry once in just 20 minutes. (See the details)

“I like Luis Suarez, a really good player,” Costa said.

“One of us scores and the other bites,” he joked in his comments after the match.

He continued, “In fact, I do not know how Barcelona decided to let Suarez go, but in the end it is up to them.”

He continued, saying: “Suarez has a fighting spirit to win titles, and I hope that we will pass that on to our fans.”

Atletico Madrid swept Granada by six to a goal in the third round of the Spanish League.

Luis Suarez, who joined Atletico, sat on the bench, before participating in the 70th minute and making a goal for Marcos Llorente, and scored twice in the net against Granada.

Suarez became the first player to score and make his debut with Atletico Madrid in the Spanish League, in the 21st century.

Atleticos six was started by Diego Costa in the ninth minute after a header from inside the penalty area.

Atletico scored the first 3 points in his career from his debut in the league, while Granadas balance stuck at 6 points from 3 games in second place.

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