FilGoal | News | Dialogue – Muhammad Mahmoud: I learned from Moamen Zakaria .. I am happy to postpone the Olympiad, and what Al-Ahly fans have done is wonderful.


Since joining Al-Ahly and has suffered two injuries, a cut in the cruciate ligament, but he confirms that he is able to overcome the crisis in light of everyone’s support for him to return to participate in matches with his team.

He is Mohamed Mahmoud, the young Al-Ahly midfielder, who is currently undergoing a qualification program in preparation for his return to the stadiums again.

The official Al-Ahly website held a dialogue with Muhammad Mahmoud, during which he talked about many things.

Learning from Moamen Zakaria

Regarding the developments of his recovery from the injury, Mohamed Mahmoud said: “Everything is in constant improvement with the beginning of the rehabilitation period. I felt some pain in the knee and traveled to Germany for more reassurance and the x-rays confirmed the presence of a minor injury in the back muscle.”

He continued, “A new qualifying program was implemented and gradually began participating in the team’s collective training.”

And about how he faced a rumor of his renewed injury, he said: “Rumors do not concern me at all, and I always associate them with the love of the masses for me and their fear for me, and I do not feel any resentment. I accept anything.”

“When you play for a big team like Al-Ahly, you have to accept everything, and I am convinced of what happened to me and that it is a test from God for me, and my goal now is to return to my teammates ‘victories on the field to prove to everyone that injury is not a curse that ends the athletes’ career.”

And he added, “The example of this is Moamen Zakaria, as I learned from him to accept all the calamities and have confidence in his return despite his suffering from an injury much greater than my cruciate ligament injury.”

And the former Wadi Degla player added, “Certainly, my young age helps in the recovery process with setting new goals to achieve them daily.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s support for him, he said: “The board of directors did not leave me for a moment, starting with the club’s president, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and the football director, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, and this is not strange to Al-Ahly.”

Competition in his position and the African Champions League

When asked about his explanation of the fans ’love for him despite not having participated much, he said:“ This is a great blessing. I am sure that my love for the club reaches the public clearly. Play it with Contractors. ”

And he added, “I would also like to say that Taher is a very strong addition to us, as he is a player with distinguished capabilities and he only occupies his mind with diligence on the field.”

About the competition in his position, he said: “The people I talk to most are those who play in my centers, such as Afsha, Saleh Jumaa, or Amr Al-Soulia. We all aim to lead Al-Ahly to victory and this is what we learned in the club.

And when asked about the match he dreamed of participating in, he said: “The summit is certainly true and I was hoping to play the African Champions League final with Al-Ahly, and I dreamed of that before I joined the club.”

“We have two important matches ahead of us against Wydad in the semi-finals, and everyone is fighting to win the African title after winning the league,” he added.

Regarding the decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympics 2020 for a year after the outbreak of the Corona virus, he said: “I was very pleased with this decision, as it gives me the opportunity to participate in the tournament after being twice prevented me from playing with the national team.”

And about his closest Al-Ahly player, he said: “Saad Samir and Karim Nedved.”

Mohamed Mahmoud concluded his speech by sending a message to Al-Ahly fans, saying: “Thank you, you are always our supporter and the main reason for winning the titles. We need your support very much to win the Champions League title.”


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