FilGoal | News | Doubts about the participation of Alison and Thiago in front of Arsenal


Doubts are looming over the participation of Alison Baker and Thiago Alcantara of Liverpool in the Arsenal match on Monday.

Premier League champions Liverpool host Arsenal in the third round of the competition.

The Independent newspaper report indicated that the duo missed Sunday’s training due to injury, but the cause of the injury was not known yet.

The report indicated that Jurgen Klopp would wait until the last hours before the meeting to find out the duos physical condition.

Liverpool is in training on Sunday evening, in which one or both of them may participate, but this will not eliminate doubts about the possibility of participating in front of the gunners.

Thiago has the opportunity to mainly play his first game, in the absence of Jordan Henderson due to injury.

Last Sunday’s match against Chelsea saw the debut of Thiago, who joined from Bayern Munich, just two days before the match.

Thiago completed 75 successful passes, the most any player has completed in a maximum of 45 minutes since he began collecting this data in the league since the 2003-2004 season.

Liverpool lost to Arsenal twice during the post-Coronavirus period, the first in the league, and the second in the Charity Shield match.


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