FilGoal | News | Expired – Fulham (0)

2 provides live coverage of the Fulham and Aston Villa match, which takes place in the third round of the English Premier League.

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The end of the match by winning Aston Villa by three without a response.

S 83: Trezeguet exit with the participation of Bretrand Traore.

Q57: The video cancels the goal due to Mitrovic blocking Aston Villas defender while his colleague is shooting the ball.

Q56: Goowool first for Fulham after a fatal mistake by Emiliano Martinez, Aston Villas goalkeeper, in blocking a shot that bounced the ball and Camara shot it into the net.

Q48: Goool Mings score the third goal for Aston Villa.

Starting the second half.

The end of the first half, with Aston Villa advancing with two unanswered goals.

Q15: Second Joe to Aston Villa by Connor Horihan.

Q4: Joowool Jack Greelish scores the first goal for Aston Villa with a shot from inside the penalty area.



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