FilGoal | News | Hamada Anwar: Pacheco arrives in Egypt on Saturday … he has better players than in 2015


Hamada Anwar, a member of the Zamalek board, announced the arrival of Jaime Pacheco, the new technical director, next Saturday.

Anwar said, “Carteron passed away inappropriately to a foreign art director who was supposed to be a professional. I think what he did destroy his name in Africa is looking for money regardless of glory.”

He added via Ontime Sports 2: “Pacheco was chosen because of the need for a technical director who previously dealt with Egyptian football and the Zamalek team in particular.”

“Pacheco is a coach at the highest level, and he played a major role in the team that Ferreira took over after that.”

“The coaches want to work for Zamalek club, because things are stable at the administrative and technical level,” Anwar revealed.

He continued, “We had many nominees, but in the end Pacheco was chosen for one season.”

And about the arrival date of the Portuguese coach, he said: “Pacheco arrives Saturday in Egypt and takes over the task directly, since the negotiation has been looking for the name of the players and the position of the injured and followed previous matches.”

He continued, “Pacheco has proven that he is a good coach during his tenure as Zamalek.”

He added, “There is isolation between the technical director and the management currently in the presence of Amir Mortada, and this was evident in the presence of Carteron, not exposed to the coach by the management.

“The players available for Pacheco are now better than in 2015, as there is a great chance for success,” he concluded.


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