FilGoal | News | His agent in the Joule: Youssef Blayli has canceled his contract with Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia .. and there is no comment on the Egyptian negotiations


Hafeez Blayli, father and agent of Yusef Blayli, the player of Al-Ahly Jeddah, said that the latter had canceled his contract with the Saudi club for not receiving his late dues.

Hafeez Blayli added, in an interview with “Youssef has already terminated his contract with Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia through the International Football Association after a ruling in his favor.”

And he added, “Yusef did not receive his dues for four months.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s negotiations with the Algerian national team player, he said: “I do not want to comment now.”

As for the Esperance Tunisian negotiations, he said: “There was no agreement or progress in the negotiations.”

Blailey was paid in Al-Ahly Jeddah, an estimated salary of 2.5 million euros.

It is noteworthy that Hafid Blayli spoke earlier to the Tunisian “IFM” radio, saying: “There are no official negotiations between us and Esperance at present.”

He added, “But I know that Al-Taraji is negotiating with my family in Jeddah to include Yusef.”

When asked about Al-Ahly’s position, he replied, “Al-Ahly of Egypt has a great desire to include Youssef and negotiates with us a lot.”

And he added, “Al-Ahly tried to include Youssef on loan, but there is a misunderstanding between him and the people of Jeddah, so we are waiting for what will happen.”

The father and agent of the Algerian player’s business completed, “He who will be serious and present the best offer will win the player.”


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