FilGoal | News | Hussein El-Sayed responds to reports of joining Pyramids … reveals “shocking details” on the Tunis trip


Hussein El-Sayed, the left-back of Al-Ahly Club, responded to recent press reports claiming to have joined the Pyramids team.

Hussein Al-Sayed said, “I was very surprised by the news that came out and says that I signed to Pyramids.”

“My contract is with Al-Ahly for two seasons, and I will return to training next Thursday, and there is absolutely no truth to what is said about my transfer to Pyramids,” he added in his statements on Ontime Sports 1.

He continued, “I am under the order of Al-Ahly Club in any decision the club makes.”

Hussein El-Sayed flashed back a little to recount what he described as “shocking details” in his experience with Tunisias Sfaxien on loan.

Hussein Al-Sayed recounted: “I went to Sfaxi for an amount that no one would believe. An amount that makes everyone pity me when he knows its value.”

“I got only 3 thousand dollars from Sfaxien, and in the end I left the money there with my friend,” he revealed.

And he continued, “When I went to Sfaxien, I expected to receive me and send the club a car to take me, but I was surprised by what happened and I waited a long time at the airport, and then I found a pick-up truck loaded with fish that came to take me.”

He continued, saying: “Al-Ahly, when he knew of all my circumstances and my financial crisis, supported me and Mahmoud al-Khatib – the head of Al-Ahly – spoke to me and told me that Al-Ahly stands with his sons.”

He concluded, “Al-Ahly paid me money to support me and I thank the club very much for standing by me.”


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