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The technical committee to choose the new technical director for Zamalek settled on the name of the coach and raised him to the board of directors headed by Mortada Mansour.

Ismail Youssef was a member of the board of directors of Zamalek, as well as Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of football in the club. (See details)

But what happened at the technical committee meeting? This is what reveals to you.

During its meeting, the committee discussed the names of 5 coaches, who are Argentine Gabriel Calderon and Italian Paolo Tramizani.

As well as the Belgian Hugo Bruce, former coach of the Cameroon national team.

In addition to Jaime Pacheco of Portugal and Juan Antonio Pizzi, former Saudi coach.

The committee contacted the five coaches and knew their vision and point of view of the team and its future, especially in the important upcoming period due to the African Championship.

In the end, the technical committee consisting of Amir Mortada, the general supervisor of the ball, Ahmed Mortada and Ismail Youssef, members of the board of directors, and Farouk Jaafar, the former star of Zamalek, settled on the name of the coach and raised him to the board of directors.

The technical committee is awaiting the announcement of the name of the coach, and this may be delayed only in the event that a new name appears on the Zamalek club table.

Amir Mortada Mansour confirmed that the announcement of the coach will be large on Wednesday. (See details)

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