FilGoal | News | In the tour, he reveals the details of the medical file that Pacheco requested in Zamalek


Jamie Pacheco, the new coach of Zamalek, asked to obtain a medical file on the condition of all the injured players in the team, the length of their absence, and the programs for their return. reveals the details of the file obtained by Pacheco.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz “Zizou”

The player is currently in Germany and is undergoing medical examinations after the cruciate ligament surgery, and the player is also implementing a rehabilitation program within the plan set for him.

The date for Zizou’s return to training has not yet been decided, and that will be known after the report that the German doctor will write.

Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala”

Shikabala is still continuing his rehabilitation program to get rid of his injury in the inner ligament of the knee, and a treatment and rehabilitation period has been scheduled from 4 to 6 weeks.

Chikabalas chances of facing Raja in the semi-finals of the CAF Champions League in mid-October have not yet been determined.

The medical device does not want to rush to pay Shikabala until it is sure that it is completely cured.

Mohammed Abdul Shafi

Zamalek’s medical apparatus is making intensive attempts to equip Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the left back of the team, to catch up with Raja, in light of his chances of catching up with the meeting.

Abdul Shafi performed x-rays every few days to find out the degree of recovery and his response to treatment from the injury he suffered from a broken collarbone.

And if the left back of Zamalek is unable to catch up with the go against Raja, then he will largely be in the second leg.

Mohamed Onajem

Onajem is ready to participate after he has completed a very good recovery and is fit to participate in the training session.

And the Moroccan player is ready to participate in the next Al-Masry meeting, after the decision of the medical device.

However, Zamalek’s new technical staff may see that Onajem is not physically ready yet due to a period of absence from training, or they prefer to rest him for another match to ensure his safety.


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