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Is it true what I heard? With this question, Jurgen Klopp began his speech after Liverpool’s victory over Arsenal. A question posed to former Manchester United star Roy Kane, who was at Sky Sports studio to analyze the match.

Before Klopp began his conversation with the Sky reporter from inside the stadium, he listened to the final part of Roy Kane’s speech, to respond directly to the United captain.

Did Roy Kean describe Liverpool’s performance against Arsenal as not good? Did I not hear well? Did he really say we played badly? I want to hear it myself now, “Klopp said.

“We definitely did not play badly. I think he was watching another game. Of course we played great.”

Here Roy Kane Laird intervenes, saying: “It seems you didn’t hear me well, I said there were some moments in the match for Liverpool that were not good.”

Laird Club: “I don’t know what you said, but if you criticize us, you are wrong.”

Klopp continued his speech, saying: “We controlled the match against a team that relied on apostates, and Alison confronted a certain opportunity and they had two chances as well, and this is part of all the foot.”

“We played an excellent game today. A game that no one can describe as not good,” he stressed.

Klopp finished speaking, the cameras returned to Sky Leard Studio Roy Kane.

Roy Kane quipped, “Wow. Klopp is a very sensitive person, very sensitive. Imagine if he loses today.”

Roy Keane continued his talk about his predictions for the Liverpool season, answering sarcastically to (Will Liverpool keep the league title?), Saying: “Yes. I must say that or else Klopp will come again and respond to me.

Liverpool beat Arsenal by 3-1 in the third round of the English Premier League. (See the details)

Arteta won in the last two confrontations between the two teams, but Klopp surpassed his Spanish rival and scored his ninth point in the tournament, jointly leading with Leicester City and Everton, while Arsenal’s balance stopped at 6 points, in light of the participation of Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Al-Nani throughout the match with the two teams, and Salah made a goal .

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