FilGoal | News | Mane: Thiago will take Liverpool to another level


Liverpool star Sadio Mane expects that the joining of Thiago Alcantara will cause the team to rise in the next period.

Thiago joined Liverpool during the summer transfer window, accompanied by Costas Tsimikas and Diogo Jota.

“I don’t think the fans alone are excited to see Thiago, my teammates and I were really happy to have a player of such quality on our team,” Mane told his club’s website.

“He will make the team appear better. I can see that from the first day in training and what he did against Chelsea,” the Senegalese said of his Spaniard.

Last Sunday’s match saw Thiago Alcantara making the debut for Liverpool. Who joined Bayern Munich just two days before the match.

“I’m sure Thiago will definitely take us to another level,” Mane said.

Thiago completed 75 successful passes, the most any player has completed in a maximum of 45 minutes since he began collecting this data in the league since the 2003-2004 season.

“We look forward to seeing Kostas and Diogo Jota as well, which are a really good addition for us. I’m really happy they have them too. They are great players and they will also take us to another level.”

Liverpool are preparing to host Arsenal in the third round of the Premier League at Anfield on Monday.


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