FilGoal | News | Mortada in the Joule: Pacheco officially signed the training contracts for Zamalek … and responds to “negotiations with Khirbin.”


Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, revealed that Portuguese Jaime Pacheco had signed his training contracts for the white team.

Mortada Mansour told “Pacheco signed today, Sunday, formal training contracts for Zamalek.”

Pacheco arrived in Cairo yesterday, Saturday, to start the mission of training Zamalek, succeeding French Patrice Carteron. asked Mortada Mansour about the truth about Zamalek’s negotiations with Omar Khirbin, the striker of the Syrian and Saudi national team.

Mortada Mansour responded to, saying: “How did I enter into negotiations with Omar Khirbin and Zamalek, who currently owns 7 foreign players?”

“Zamalek includes Hamid Ahadad, Razzaq Cisse, Maarouf Youssef, Kabongo Kasungu, Ferjani Sassi, Ashraf Bencharki and Mohamed Onajem,” he added.

He explained, “How will we contract with another foreign player or enter into negotiations with him before the position of some of these players is resolved?”

He concluded his remarks, “I hope some will not include the name of Zamalek in anything that is not true.”

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