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He tried to hold his nerve so that he would not be punished, but the provocative statements came out of his mouth as well. We are talking about Jose Mourinho and his speech after his team, Tottenham, drew against Newcastle.

Tottenham lost their victory against Newcastle after the referee awarded a penalty kick for the latter in the 94th minute of the match due to a handball after returning to the video technology.

The decision to make Mourinho leave the pitch towards the tunnel leading to the locker rooms, before returning again in a great state of anger.

Mourinho said: “I do not want to comment on the video technology decision. I do not have any message to anyone and I do not want to comment.”

“I don’t want to talk about arbitration and what happened. If I have to spend some of my money, I would prefer to give it to charities instead of giving it to the FA, so I prefer not to comment,” he added in his comments with Sky Sports as well as at the press conference.

“I cannot ask for more than what we presented today, from the defensive and offensive side as well. We played a very, very complete match.”

“I think after the first half, Steve Bruce (Newcastle coach) was very, very, very happy, because the half ended only 1-0 and we could make it end 3-0 or 4-0 with ease,” Jose noted.

And about the coach of his goalkeeper being sent off after the end of the match, Mourinho said: “All I can say is that I have more experience than him, so I went straight into the aisle after the ruling.”

Mourinho revealed that Son suffered a knee injury that made him go out between the two halves of the match, He pointed out, “I expect Son to be absent for a long time due to injury.”

“Son’s injury? Is just the first injury, and I imagine on Tuesday there will be another injury, and then another injury and then another injury,” he added, angry over his team’s schedule.

“This is the respect we have. Tottenham is a great team, but in terms of titles it is not as great as other clubs,” he added.

And he added, “I love the club very much and I love being here and I do not see myself leaving any other team, but now I have realized the difference between clubs with great history and other clubs.”

Lucas Mora advanced to Tottenham in the first half, but Callum Wilson tied for Newcastle in the time killer with a penalty kick.

To raise Tottenham to 4 points in seventh place temporarily, while Newcastle raised its tally to 4 points also in ninth place temporarily.

This is the first time that Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho has failed to beat Newcastle at home in the Premier League competitions, having previously won 8 out of 8 domestic encounters against Newcastle.

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