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Gary Neville, former Manchester United captain and current analyst at Sky Sports, criticized what Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah did in the Arsenal match, which ended with a 3-1 victory in the English Premier League.

In one of the match’s attacks, Salah passed the ball to Jenny Wijnaldum and ran towards the penalty area when the Dutchman was passing the ball to their new teammate Diogo Jota, and Salah’s interference caused the ball to be lost from both of them.

Neville said on Sky Sports: “This is the selfish part of Salah’s playing style,” he was thinking that he had not scored in the match yet.

“He missed the opportunity. It was a bigger chance for Jota,” he added.

He continued, “Salah’s selfishness is one of his great strengths, but he should have left it to his colleague, he never got there.”

And he added, “Jota was able to score if it weren’t for Salah. A great player like Salah could not do that. He knows that this shot is not good for him.”

Before this ball, Salah created an opportunity for the Portuguese international, but Jota wasted it.

Liverpool beat Arsenal by 3-1 in the third round of the English Premier League. (See the details)

Neville had extensively praised the Egyptian star’s performance in the first round of Premier League against Leeds United, where he scored a hat-trick.

Neville indicated in his speech that Salah will surpass his colleague Sadio Mane as a candidate as one of the most prominent competitors for the best player in the world award.

Neville spoke to “Sky Sports” saying, “We are only thinking about the difference in the way of thinking between Salah and Mani. Mane is loved. I think the players love him. He gives his every day and will do anything to devote himself to the team.”

“Then you look at Salah in the other direction. He does not pass the ball sometimes to his colleagues and will show some selfishness, and maybe this does not like some of his colleagues or the public.”

“But I see him as a person from outside Liverpool and think that he fought against the opponents on the field,” Neville stressed.

“He reminds me of that duality between Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney several years ago. This is the same situation now between Salah and Mani.”

“I think Salah will pass Mane in the end, but this does not mean that Mane is not a great player, as Rooney was a great player,” he said.

And he added, “But the reason these players are different – meaning Ronaldo and Salah – is that they go home and think about being the best player in the world and this makes them happy.”

“On the other hand, Rooney or Mane thinks about the team and how to win it first, and they tell themselves to give everything I have and fight for my teammates, and Salah does not.”

Regarding Salah’s performance against Leeds United, Neville said: “I saw features from Lionel Messi and Ryan Giggs in his performance.”

“I think Salah looks different. He has had a new haircut, he looks thinner, thirsty to play and stronger, and his way of playing has become more mature.”

And he continued, “Yes, we only played 90 minutes of the current season and against a team that relies on open play, but I think Salah looked very impressive and made me think Kylian Mbappe is a great player, Neymar sometimes rises and sometimes goes down.”

And he added, “Where will he be the best player in the world in the coming years?”

Neville concluded his speech, “Salah is not far away, and what I saw from him in the Leeds meeting seemed to be on a different level.”


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