FilGoal | News | Newcastle punishes Tottenham at 97+ and strips him of two points


Newcastle United imposed a tie at Tottenham Hotspur with a goal for each side, in the third round of the English Premier League.

Lucas Mora advanced to Tottenham in the first half, but Callum Wilson tied for Newcastle in the time killer with a penalty kick.

To raise Tottenham to 4 points in seventh place temporarily, while Newcastle raised its tally to 4 points also in ninth place temporarily.

This is the first time that Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho has failed to beat Newcastle at home in the Premier League competitions, having previously won 8 out of 8 domestic encounters against Newcastle.

Lucas Mora took the lead for Tottenham after Harry Kane’s cross in the 25th minute.

Lucas scored for the first time after he missed the net in 22 consecutive Premier League matches, as his last goal went back to last December.

While Kane reached 5 assists this season in just 3 games, to be close to smashing his best records by making 7 goals for the 2016/2017 season throughout the season.

Sun Heung-min tried to double the score with a left-footed shot from outside the penalty area in the 31st minute, but it rebounded off the post.

A similar fate faced Sun in a new left-footed shot in the 42nd minute, this time bouncing off the bar.

The first half was his first hero, Karl Darlo, the Newcastle goalkeeper par excellence, as he confronted more than one dangerous opportunity and prevented his team from losing with a heavy result in the first session.

In the second half, Newcastle coach Steve Bruce pushed tall striker Andy Carroll.

In stoppage time, Carroll jumped in an air ball and hit it, hitting Eric Dyer’s arm, and the referee returned to video technology and discovered the offense, to count a fatal penalty kick for Newcastle.

Callum Wilson ditched the shot in the seventh minute of stoppage time, and successfully scored, stripping Tottenham from two valuable points.

After the match ended, Tottenham’s star Harry Kane received a red card for objecting to referee Peter Banks.

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