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The idea of ​​including a foreign striker to compensate Mustafa Mohamed if he left Zamalek at the end of the current season was among the reasons for Al-Abyad’s retreat from joining the Angolan winger Ari Babel, but it was not the only reason, as knows.

Amir Mortada Mansour, general supervisor of football at Zamalek club, informed the player’s representatives that “the player’s mentality is not appropriate for Zamalek, and that he is free to move to any club.”

what happened?

During the period of suspension of activity due to the Corona virus, the former Angolan premiero de Agosto wing presented itself to Zamalek, which was welcomed by the white, who at that time wanted to strengthen the center of the wing.

Babel asked, according to, to obtain the contractor before signing the contract, which Zamalek refused, and after a while the player understood the matter.

Zamalek began preparing the procedures for his arrival to Cairo in light of difficulties in flying, but Zamalek officials were surprised by Babel’s request to attend with his family and 3 agents.

Zamalek’s failure to complete the deal in light of the end of the season near the end of October led to the postponement of the file.

During that period, learned that some of the actions taken by Babel have angered Zamalek officials, including his negotiations with the UAE youth Al-Ahly Dubai, despite his agreement with Zamalek.

It was the player and his representatives They plan to come to Cairo next week to reach an agreement with Zamalek about the player’s future, which will definitely change after Amir Mortada informed them after completing the contract.

The legal aspect … and “Badeel Mustafa Muhammad”

Babel signed a contract with Zamalek, but the white did not sign on his part, and therefore the club’s position remains legally sound due to his failure to sign the contract, as knows.

A possibility emerged among the reasons for the white retreat from annexing Babylon The departure of the team’s top scorer, Mostafa Mohamed With the end of the current season, in light of his receiving more than one offer for external professionalism, and his statement of his desire to go into professional experience.

Hence, strengthening the attacking position became a priority for Al-Whites.

Babylon, the 26-year-old, has participated in 11 matches in the African Champions League this season, with Primero de Augusto. He scored two goals in them.

Ari Babel has 35 international matches with the Angolan national team. He scored five goals in them.


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