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Rene Fyler left the press conference for the Al-Ahly match against Al-Tarsana in the Egypt Cup, after the first question he received from journalists, leaving the stadium and heading directly to Cairo Airport. (See details)

It reveals to you What did Fyler do in the last minutes he spent in Egypt before traveling?

Fyler went straight from the stadium to his hotel in Cairo to collect his personal belongings.

But the Swiss coach left a large part of his personal belongings at the residence and took only a small bag with him.

On his flight to Cairo Airport, Fyler accompanied Thomas Pinckel, the load coach, to bid him farewell. learned that Fyler was shocked by the way he left and Al-Ahly officials did not understand his desire to take a special leave to see his family and that his desire was to continue and stay, and he does not know why the administration insisted on its position and its feeling was that he was looking to leave.

Fyler is also shocked because he received several messages on his personal phone from unknown numbers, angry with him because of his departure from Al-Ahly.

As for the rest of Fyler’s assistant, they are waiting for the decisions of Al-Ahly’s board of directors today, Thursday, and then they will leave Cairo, respectively.

Weiler left Egypt at 12:30 am on Thursday, on a flight bound for Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The whole story

Al-Ahly announced a few days ago that a meeting would be held tomorrow morning, Thursday, in order to make a decision about Rene Fyler’s future with the Red Castle. revealed earlier that Al-Ahly was stable by thanking the Swiss coach for the period he spent with the team.(See details) also revealed Al-Ahly’s agreement with Pitso Musimane, who left the South African training of Sundowns to train the red team to succeed Fyler.(See details)

It is expected that Al-Ahly will announce today, Thursday, October 1, to thank Failer, according to the condition in Al-Ahly’s contract with Filer, which allows either party to terminate the contract from 1 to 10 October for free. Petsu Mosimane, the South African coach, was appointed instead.


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