FilGoal | News | Pirlo: We did not find solutions to Rome


Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo admitted that his team did not find many solutions against Roma in the Serie A summit on Sunday.

Juventus tied with two goals for each team against Roma in the second round of the Italian League.

“We faced a team that attacked with many players, and it was a different match from the one against Sampdoria,” Pirlo said in comments highlighted by his club’s website.

He added, “We wanted to pressure the midfielders and take advantage of individual confrontations in attack, but we were not always able to find solutions.”

The new Juventus coach added, “We were playing against a strong team and we knew that we would face difficulties.”

“We have distinguished midfielders and we must try to make the most of their abilities,” he added.

“We are a team under construction and did not have time to try more solutions in the pre-season period, so let’s try to find them in these first few matches,” he added.

Pirlo spoke of his star, Cristiano Ronaldo, saying, “He is training to score, he ran and gave a lot, even when we were playing with ten players and this is a good thing for his teammates.”

Roma won his first point in the Italian league this season, ranking 13th.

While Juventus reached point 4 in fifth place, which is the team’s first stumble in the league under coach Andrea Pirlo.

Roma double was scored by Jordan Virtue, while Juventus was scored by superstar Ronaldo.


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