FilGoal | News | Rabia: The stadiums in Egypt are not eligible to play football


Al-Ahly defender Ramy Rabia believes that the level of football stadiums in Egypt is causing injury to many players.

Rabia said on Al-Ahly channel: “I did not suffer any injury during the past year and was injured due to my back muscle strain two games before my matches, Egypt and Tanta Club.”

“The stadiums in Egypt are not qualified to play football, and all Egyptian players suffer because of the stadiums,” he added.

He continued, “The reason for my injury is not in my body, and the evidence is that since I recovered from the pelvic injury, I have not suffered any other injury.”

“I am working to participate in the return match against Moroccan Wydad in the semi-finals of the African Champions League,” he stressed.

He concluded his remarks, “My injury is not great, but the timing of the injury made it difficult.”

Rabia suffered a torn back muscle during the Al-Ahly match against Tanta.

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