FilGoal | News | Reda Abdel-Al: Kahraba, I apologize and appreciate his situation because I lived it before .. I am completely satisfied with Tantas performance


Reda Abdel Aal, the technical director of the Tanta team, revealed the secret of the shot he had collected with Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba” during the Al-Ahly meeting with his team.

Al-Ahly defeated Tanta with the goal of Amr Al-Soulia in the 30th round of the Egyptian League.

Kahraba scored a goal that was canceled due to a handball, and then appeared kissing Reda Abdel-Al’s head.

And about that shot, Reda Abdel-Al said: “It was a stadium jitter. I was speaking normally, but electrocution did not accept the words.”

“Then he came and apologized to me and kissed my head, and it’s over,” he added in his comments with Ontime Sports.

He stressed, “We do not want to give the order greater than its size. Kahraba, I apologize and the matter is over.”

And via Ontime Sports 2, he said in the same context:

“I appreciate the situation that Kahraba is living in, because you were in the same situation after his move from Zamalek to Al-Ahly.”

About the meeting, Reda Abdel-Al spoke He said, “I thank the players very, very much for the performance. We face the Al-Ahly champion, and the result was equal until the 80th minute. The best players are many.”

He continued, saying, “We do not want to” blow “and talk about what we did, we play as much as possible. The players have started to stand correctly on the field. Fully satisfied with the performance of my team against Al-Ahly, as well as Zamalek.”

“The players were psychologically broken and I was hoping to start the task somewhat early.”

Regarding dealing with players, Abdel-Al said, “This is a new school named Reda Abdel-Al.”

He explained in his colloquial language, “I tell the player, ‘his joke to come down to play,’ and I do not say, ‘Your father died?’” I don’t have to stay “Munchen” because the game is focused.

The loss of Tanta halted the team’s balance at point 18 in the last place to approach the night of its farewell to the Premier League. The team trained by Reda Abdel Al now needs to win all its remaining matches while waiting for Al Masry (30 points) and Haras El Hodoud (30 points) to stumble.

The maximum number of points the Tanta team can reach is 30 points, which is owned by the Egyptian duo and the Border Guard, who are in the 14th and 15th place.

Al-Masry’s victory or draw against Aswan, as well as the border guards against Smouha in the current round of the league, officially write Tanta’s farewell to the Premier League.

While the victory increased the league champion’s lead in collecting points, to reach 79.


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