FilGoal | News | Report: Premier League clubs threaten to withdraw from the League Cup due to Corona checks


The Premier League clubs are threatening to withdraw from the English League Cup in the event that the players of the League clubs facing their teams do not undergo tests to detect Covid 19. According to a report published by the British newspaper “Sun”.

The report said that the Premier League clubs held meetings in the past hours of Wednesday to talk about the seriousness of the matter.

Unlike the Premier League, English Football League clubs are no longer required to undergo weekly coronavirus checks this season.

The match between Tottenham and Letoon Orient in the League Cup was postponed due to the presence of a number of cases of Covid 19 among the latter’s ranks.

West Ham United was also hit by 3 cases, as team coach David Moyes, Issa Diop and Josh Cullen, the two-player squad, contracted the virus an hour before the team’s confrontation with Hull City in the League Cup, which West Ham won 5-1.

“We and some of the Premier League clubs have offered to give these teams the test at our own expense, so that our players do not mix with players who have not been screened,” West Ham president David Sullivan told “Talk Sport” earlier.

“Unfortunately, Hal didn’t want that. Charlton agreed the previous week.”

And he added, “We are subject to the test once a week. We were tested on Monday and the result came at half past six in the evening. Now the team will be subject to the examination again more and more.”

Check-ups for any club in the Premier League cost 5,000 pounds per time.

Liverpool had paid for Lincoln City’s tests before the two clubs clashed in the League Cup on Thursday evening, and Bournemouth’s players were also tested before facing City.

Nigel Travis, president of Leyton Orient, admitted that had the situation been repeated, he would not have been subjected to the examination, because the disclosure of cases and the anger directed at the League clubs “an incentive not to undergo the test.”

This caused great anger and concern among the Premier League clubs and the League about the exposure of their players to danger.


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