FilGoal | News | Reschedule of the Liverpool and Arsenal summit due to the closing date of the bars


Liverpool have made it clear that the starting date for their match against Arsenal on Monday has been changed.

“The date for our match against Arsenal has been confirmed,” the club said in a statement. “The match will start at 8:00 pm GMT on Monday, September 28.”

“The Aston Villa match has been rescheduled to begin at 7:15 pm GMT on Sunday, October 4,” the statement added.

The Telegraph reported that the rescheduling of the Liverpool and Arsenal summit, which was supposed to start at 8:15 GMT, came because of the bars closed at ten in the evening.

The date for closing the bars came within the recent decisions of the British government to stop the return of fans to the stadiums.

The English Premier League published a statement in which it announced its sadness and resentment at the British government’s decision to stop the return operations of the masses that were scheduled to take place on October 1, and revealed the losses incurred by the clubs over the past and current season.

The text of the statement came as follows:

“The League followed up on the government’s statement and stresses that the health of the nation must remain the priority of all. We are saddened by the delay of the safe return of the masses to the stands.”

“The Premier League League is sure that through the broad guidelines and behavioral code that was developed based on scientific foundations and agreed upon by the safety authorities of sports authorities, the presence of fans in the stands will be safe even more than any place or other public activity that is allowed, and this has emerged. In the European periodicals evident. ”

“Football is not what it used to be without the fans, and the game’s economy is not sustainable without them. Last season the clubs suffered losses of 700 million pounds, and currently our national game is losing more than 100 million pounds a month. The situation is beginning to affect very strongly the clubs and societies. Other “.

“We are confident that the Premier League clubs are using innovative methods to ensure a safe return for the fans, which will enable them to recover profits on all levels of the game, as well as maintain the achievement of solidarity agreements, such as tax contributions and material support to the local and national economy.”

“In light of the stalled return date of the masses, the League and its clubs will not slow down their preparations for a safe return and a very safe environment for the masses. We will continue to work with the government for a safe return of the masses as soon as possible.”

What happened?

The British government came out in an official statement on Tuesday announcing the postponement of the return of fans to the stands and imposed the application of the rule of 6, and these restrictions may last for 6 months in a single case.(See the British Government conference)

The clubs lose huge sums of money in every match they play at home without fans, for example Manchester United loses 3-4 million pounds.

The English Football League leagues were scheduled to attend a number of no more than 1,000 matches, after approval by the British government.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the start of the return of fans to the stands next October before canceling his plans.

The British network “The Athletic” had previously said that Manchester United would meet with the English Football League to discuss the possibility of 12,000 fans attending in the form of a trial against Crystal Palace in its first match in the Premier League on the 19th of this month, but the match was not attended by fans.

Arsenal, Liverpool and Crystal Palace clubs have also announced their plans for the return of the crowd again. Arsenal will allow between 9 to 15 thousand fans in the Sheffield United match in October, Liverpool will open Anfield in front of 12 thousand and 500 fans against Sheffield United in October as well, and Palace from 4-5 thousand Encouraged from next October.


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