FilGoal | News | Robertson: If Salah had scored the goal you scored at Arsenal, he would be happy


Liverpool full-back Andy Robertson believes that if his colleague Mohamed Salah scored the goal the Scottish international scored against Arsenal, he would be happy.

Liverpool beat Arsenal by 3-1 in the third round of the English Premier League. (See the details)

“I love scoring goals and making them, but, first and foremost, I love defense,” Robertson said in remarks to his club’s website.

He added, “I am not completely happy that I caused the goal that Arsenal scored, but I will sleep happy after we were able to win and I was one of the contributors to that.”

He continued, “I hope to continue scoring and making goals in the future, and to always be in the right place.”

He concluded, “I think I finished the ball well, if Salah scored this goal, then he would certainly be very proud and happy with it.”

Mikel Arteta won in the last two confrontations between the two teams, but Klopp surpassed his Spanish opponent and won his ninth point in the tournament jointly at the top with Leicester City and Everton, while Arsenal’s balance stopped at 6 points, with Mohamed Salah and Mohamed El Nani participating throughout the match with the two teams, and Salah made To goal.

Liverpool is preparing to meet Arsenal again in the fourth round of the League Cup next Thursday.


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