FilGoal | News | Ronaldo leaps over everyone and saves Juventus and Pirlo from defeat to Roma


Cristiano Ronaldo saved his Juventus team from the loss to Roma and led the Italian League champions to sign two goals for each team in the second round of the competition.

Roma won his first point in the Italian league this season, ranking 13th.

While Juventus reached point 4 in fifth place, which is the team’s first stumble in the league under coach Andrea Pirlo.

Roma double was scored by Jordan Virtue, while Juventus was scored by superstar Ronaldo.

Roma took the lead in the 31st minute through Jordan Virtue from a penalty awarded against Adrian Rabio.

Juventus managed to equalize with a penalty kick in the 36th minute, which was carried out by Ronaldo.

Vertu came back to score the Roma lead in the 45th minute with a quick counterattack.

French midfielder Rabiot was sent off in the 62nd minute after receiving a second warning.

And again, Ronaldo scored a goal, which drew Juventus in the 69th minute, with a superb header after the top of Romas defenders rose.

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