FilGoal | News | Ronaldo: The Italian league this season is very different from the past


Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo believes that competing in the league this season will not be easy given the strength of all the teams.

Juventus tied with two goals for each team against Roma in the second round of the Italian League. Ronaldo scored a Juventus double.

After the match, Ronaldo told BN Sports: “Inter and Milan made strong deals, and so do we, and the Italian league this season is very different from last season.”

He added, “Juventus has an attacking mentality, but we only lack balance against Roma. We are still at the start of the league and this is normal.”

“The coach is also new to the team, and so are many players,” he added.

He concluded his remarks, “Andrea Pirlo is a distinguished coach and he makes everyone here feel happy and always works while he puts a smile on his face, and this is important for all players.”

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