FilGoal | News | Saif Jaziri: We are targeting the conclusion of the contractors in the golden box .. Happy to join the Tunisian national team


Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri – Al-Ahly – The Arab Contractors – Ahmed Fathy

Seif El-Din El-Jaziri expressed his happiness to join the Tunisian national team, and to achieve six goals without a response to Club Egypt in the Egyptian League.

Al-Mokawloon strengthened its presence in the Golden Square by raising its score to 52 points, and Al-Jaziri scored two goals for Al-Mokawloon in the victory over Club Egypt.

Al-Jaziri said on Ontime Sports 2: “There was a great concentration of players after losing to the clearing house, and thank God that was crowned with a big victory today.”

He added, “We strive to continue in the golden box and provide distinguished results until the end of the season.”

He revealed, “Since the beginning of the season, Imad Al-Nahhas informed us of diligence to enter the golden box and achieve a goal that has been absent for a long time, which is to participate in a continental championship, and we are moving well.”

He added, “I am very happy to be called to the Tunisian team. This confirms the efforts of the recent period. We have two confrontations against Sudan and Nigeria. I hope to participate and provide a good level.”

“I have a goal to participate in the African Nations Championship and the next World Cup qualifiers,” Al-Jaziri said.

He concluded his remarks, “I have 4 matches left with the contractors and there are two years left in my contract, so I don’t talk about offers and the club can discuss things.”


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