FilGoal | News | Saudi report: Bliley terminates his contract with Ahly Jeddah through FIFA


The Saudi Al-Jazeera newspaper revealed that the Algerian Youssef Blayli had canceled his contract with Ahli Jeddah through FIFA.

Algerian reports had indicated that Blailey had been targeted, as he had canceled his contract with his Saudi club, because he had not received his last 3 salaries.

According to the Saudi Al-Jazeera newspaper, Bliley officially succeeded in terminating the contract with Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

The report indicated that FIFA has addressed Al-Ahly Jeddah to enable the player to sign and register him in another club.

According to the Saudi report, FIFA gave Blailey the opportunity to sign a new club before October 3.

Thus, Blailey becomes the third foreign player after Dejanini and De Souza to leave Al-Ahly Jeddah due to the termination of his contract due to late dues.

Blailey was paid in Al-Ahly Jeddah, an estimated salary of 2.5 million euros.

Bliley’s name was linked to the Egyptian League last month, and his father, who works as his agent, spoke of negotiations with Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, but Al-Ahly was the most serious, according to his statements.

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