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The end is near, the excitement continues, and the chase will continue. Here we are talking about a second-class Bahri group in Egypt.

The 19th round saw Ghazl El Mahalla and Pharco maintain their positions in the lead, while Damanhur and Al Mansour moved away from the competition due to their inability to achieve victory.

Ghazl El Mahalla defeated Abu Qir Fertilizers with a goal scored by Mahmoud Salah.

Mahmoud Salah’s goal was enough for Al-Mahalla to win, and the team reached point 38, while Abu Qir’s balance stuck at point 29.

Farco also defeated Damanhur with two goals to one thanks to Ali Bahij’s double.

While Islam Ramadan’s goal for Damanhour did not change the reality of Farcos victory, and the team reached 38 points equally with Mahalla, with Damanhour’s balance stopping at 33 points.

There are 3 rounds remaining, and in the event of continuing equality between Ghazl El Mahalla and Pharco, the decision will be direct confrontations, and the tie will be the rule of the two confrontations between the two teams, and therefore the decision will be the difference of goals, and at the present time, Ghazal Mahalla (25 goals – received 10), Pharco (23 goals – received 10) ).

Ghazal El Mahalla is preparing to face the municipality of Mahalla in Derby, waiting for the next round, before he faces Bella at Ghazal El Mahalla stadium, and the tournament ends with a confrontation with the Olympic at the latter’s stadium.

Pharco will face Raja at the Matrouh Youth Center stadium, then Abu Qir in the Guard Stadium, then the Mahalla municipality at Haras al-Hodoud stadium.

The Olympic team tied with Mansoura with one goal for each team, Ahmed Harissa advanced to Al Mansoura, then Hadi Anwar tied for the Olympic, bringing the Olympic balance to 23 points and raising Mansoura’s balance to 31 points in fourth place.

With the same result, but with two goals for each team, Dikirnis tied with Raja.

Dikirnis advanced with two goals through Ahmed Jumaa, then Ahmed Al-Shahat, Ibrahim Rakha, then Wael Faraj Al-Raja tied, bringing Dikirniss balance to 30 points, and Raja’s balance rising to 27 points.

Al-Hammam scored a two-goal victory over the Mahalla municipality, Mahmoud Alaa scored two goals for Al-Hammam, and Mahmoud Kashlt scored for the municipality, bringing the pigeon balance to 23 points.

Al Maliah scored a four-goal victory against two goals, Ali Bella, and Hamdi El-Fiqi scored a goal for Malia and a hat trick for Mahmoud Ezzat.


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