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Sherif Fouad, the spokesman for the Al-Ahly board of directors, spoke about the Swiss Rene Fyler, describing him as a “successful technical director with great performance.”

Sherif Fouad said: “Fyler is a successful technical director with a great performance and happy in cooperation with Al-Ahly, and the club is happy to deal with a man like him.”

He added in his statements on Al-Ahly channel, “There is a problem that was raised due to Corona, and Al-Ahly with its great ability to formulate contracts reached an agreement with Fyler.”

He continued, “With Al-Ahly winning the league title, many rumors have emerged about Fyler regarding his travel and non-return, and regarding the penalty clause in his contract or the right to terminate the contract.”

The spokesman for Al-Ahly administration stressed, “Al-Ahly fans should not pay any attention to any kind of those rumors, which target the stability of the team.”

He explained, “All of these matters are an internal affair, and Al-Ahly does not discuss them in the media.”

He revealed, “All the names that have been said and put forward regarding the suggestions of some are not true at all. Al-Ahly’s board of directors has plans A, B and C, and whenever Al-Ahly wants to announce a decision to be announced at the time it wants.”

what happened?

Swiss Rene Fyler caused a great outrage inside the walls of the Red Castle, after he returned to his residence after the training session and did not meet with the club’s representatives, as was expected.

Al-Ahly management offered a number of offers to the Swiss coach in order to ensure his continuation until the end of the season, but they were rejected by the Swiss coach. was informed of the offers submitted by Al-Ahly to Fyler, which were rejected and were as follows:

Fyler did not agree to travel now and return before October 1, and insisted on leaving at the beginning of the month and returning October 5 to Egypt.

Fyler refused, as learned, Al-Ahly’s offer to bring his family in a private plane at the club’s expense.

Fyler did not agree to write a written pledge to complete the season until the end of the CAF Champions League and the Egypt Cup, and he also refused to cancel the clause allowing the termination of the contract from October 1 to 10.

Fyler asked Al-Ahly for periodic leave every period and stressed the need to obtain his salary at the beginning of every month and not on the fourth and fifth days, as happened after the Corona pandemic.

Fyler also asked Al-Ahly to obtain the league bonus immediately and not to wait for the end of the competition after the team won the title.

Fyler took Al-Ahly leadership in the summer of 2019 for a season, before renewing his contract last June for a new season.

Fyler’s contract with Al-Ahly allows him to leave without penal conditions from 1 to 10 October.

Al-Ahly had set that clause in order to persuade Fyler to continue until the end of the African Championship, which was scheduled to end on October 3.

Fyler has played 42 games with Al-Ahly since his arrival, winning 32, drawing 8 times and losing on only two occasions.

Fyler won with Al-Ahly the Egyptian Super and League title, and reached the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and he is supposed to play the price of the Egyptian Cup final against Arsenal next Wednesday.

Fyler did not lose with Al-Ahly except the Egyptian Super title, which was held in February after Zamalek was crowned on penalties.

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