FilGoal | News | Sherif Ikrami: My desire to play for a non-fans club outside Egypt was … and the secret of moving to Pyramids


Pictures of the presentation of Sherif Karami as a player for Pyramids – from the club’s official account

Sherif Ikrami, the newly joined Pyramids goalkeeper, revealed his desire to start playing for a team that is not fans but outside Egypt, in appreciation of Al-Ahly and its fans.

Ikrami said on Ontime Sports 2: “There is an advantage about Pyramids, which is clarity. They spoke to me after my decision to end my career with Al-Ahly since February.”

He revealed, “I told them that my desire to play with a club is not a fan club, but outside Egypt, and there is a session that brings me together with Al-Ahly officials in March, and I will make my decision at that time.”

He added, “There was negotiation between me and one of the center clubs in Saudi Arabia, and I was soon to move to them, but the Corona problem confused all accounts.”

He explained, “After Al-Ahly finished my career before the end of the season, I made the decision not to wait until the end and announced my transfer from now.”

Al-Ahly thanked Sherif Ikrami before the end of the current season and satisfied the current goalkeepers in the team.

Ikrami continued, “It was not in my accounts to leave Al-Ahly at that time, I intended to stay longer than that.”

He stressed, “My relationship with the Al-Ahly club is greater than what happened in two months. What links me to the club and my father and brother, may God have mercy on me, is much greater than what happened in the last two months.”

Ikrami revealed, “I decided not to talk about the last two months because the conversation will neither increase nor decrease my relationship with Al-Ahly, and I have not put the club in comparison with any other club because it is in a different position for me.”

He added, “Everyone has a previous impression that I am not afraid to apologize for mistakes or to speak and tell the truth. I communicate with people through social media always. Some have cut my words or took it in a wrong way. I was being attacked even before I spoke on Twitter, but what happened has happened and I learned a lot in the past period.” “.

Speaking about his future in Pyramids, he said: “I am honored to play with elements that are not foreign to me, such as Ramadan, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Ahmed Fathi and others such as Omar Jaber, Ahmed Tawfiq, and Saeed competing for my center.”

He added, “Technical matters have no guarantees. I train hard on the field to participate. I might go to a team as No. 1 and the performance makes me a substitute or I get injured and have miscalculations.”

“I have not planned what I will do after or until his retirement,” he said. “I am currently training and my focus is on my current step only.”

Speaking about the position of Al-Ahly and Fyler, he completed his statements, “I try to deal as a professional player always, and it is inappropriate to speak as a player in Pyramids about Al-Ahly, although I will always be a son of his children, but what I can say is that Al-Ahly is able to overcome everything.”


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