FilGoal | News | South African report: Musimane resigns from Sundowns to train Al-Ahly


Betso Mosimani resigned from coaching Mamelodi Sundowns to take over the task of coaching Al-Ahly. And that is according to a report published by the South African “Times” newspaper.

The report indicated that the South African coach was associated with taking over the training of Moroccan and Al-Ahly Wydad.

The report indicated that the coach, who just won the fifth league title with Sundowns, will train Al-Ahly as soon as it is available, which means that the South African coach will lead Al-Ahly from the first of October.

The report revealed that Musimane was contacted after the last day in the league, which marked the end of a drama during which the 56-year-old led his team to win the 10th league title in its history at the expense of Kaizer Chiefs, at the beginning of this month.

It was not clear during the negotiations that the South African coach would train Al-Ahly while the club would deal with the 4-year contract with his coach.

The report indicated that reports linked Al-Ahly to Luciano Spalletti, the Italian coach, but Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the club, “is very impressed with the South African coach, and he was one of the first to congratulate him when he led the team to the local three this season.”

Al-Ahly issued an official statement 4 days ago, through which he congratulated the Sundowns team for winning the local three.

The source told the South African newspaper: “The club asked him to take over the task quickly, in order to lead the club to the Champions League title.”

And he continued, “I hope Sundowns is happy with this matter. This is good news for South Africa. Historically, the black African coach has not led any of the top teams from the north of the continent. This is an honorable advantage for Pizzo, and also an honor for South Africa and Sundowns was the cradle of all that.”

Musimani had won the CAF Champions League with Sundowns in 2016 at the expense of Zamalek.

While Jogesh Singh, general manager of the South African club, said: “We saw these things on the websites, because the Al-Ahly coach resigned on Sunday.”

The newspaper pointed out that Musimane refused to comment on the matter.

The source revealed that Musimane had all the powers to choose whom he wanted to work with. “Al-Ahly has allowed him to appoint his entire technical staff, which will be announced soon.”

Mosimane led the Sundowns in 2012, winning the League titles 5 times and a summer twice, the Nedbank Cup twice and the Telecom Cup twice, as well as winning the Champions League and the African Super Cup.

Musimane was selected as Coach of the Month 5 times in the South African League, as well as the best coach of the season 4 times and won the Best Coach of the Month award in 2016.

Musimani renewed his contract with Sundowns last May for 4 seasons. learned that Al-Ahly will thank its current coach, Rene Fyler, after facing the arsenal, after negotiations between the two parties reached a dead end. (See details)


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