FilGoal | News | Sundowns in an official statement: We have approved Musimani’s departure to train a “great Egyptian club”


Mamelodi Sundowns club has published an official statement announcing that Patrick Motsibi has agreed to the departure of the team’s coach, Pitso Mosimane, to coach a “great Egyptian club”.

“Pettus and his agent, Moria Tigali, who is also his wife, informed me that there are negotiations with a major Egyptian club to obtain his services,” Mutsepi said in his statement.

“Sundowns is aware of the ongoing negotiations between Musimane and the Egyptian club, as well as the North African clubs,” he added.

And he added, “During the past few years, I expressed my support for the departure of Pitso Musimane for Sundowns to train in North Africa, Europe or the South African national team.”

“Football players and coaches sometimes have a lack of continuity or certainty about their future and must pursue new opportunities wherever they arise and receive the reward,” he continued.

He continued, “I received the emotional message published by Pitso and I am very proud of what he achieved with the club. Pitso was one of the most successful coaches in the history of Sundowns and he will always be a member of the club family. I wish him, Moira and his family the best ever, and I hope to see him as a coach in Europe soon.”

The statement continued: “Mamelodi Sundowns will soon announce his new coach and the changes that have occurred to him. The team has developed over the years and has trained very good local coaches and they have a strong technical staff.”

Al-Ahly completed its agreement with South Africa, Pitso Musimane, to succeed Swiss coach Rene Fyler in training Al-Ahmar. learned that Musimani will sign a two-year training contract for Al-Ahly based on his desire, and he will sign it when he arrives in Cairo in the coming hours.

Musimani brings with him 3 assistants, Rolani Moccuena as assistant coach, Capello Rangwana as a loads coach, and Moussa Matlapa as performance analyst, which opens the door for the continuation of Italian Michel Ianaconi, coach of the goalkeepers, with the team. (See details)

The South African coach, as knows, won support and approval within the planning committee, due to the precedence of his crowning championship in 2016, as well as his extensive experience working in the brown continent.

What also stood in the ranks of the Mosimane nomination, is his knowledge of Al-Ahly and its players, and of the three teams competing for the CAF Champions League title, Zamalek, Wydad and Raja.

Musimani’s proficiency in dealing with players psychologically, and the popular acceptance he enjoys from the point of view of the Planning Committee, was the reason for his nomination.

Musimani had won the CAF Champions League with Sundowns in 2016 at the expense of Zamalek.

Mosimane led the Sundowns in 2012, winning the League titles 5 times and a summer twice, the Nedbank Cup twice and the Telecom Cup twice, as well as winning the Champions League and the African Super Cup.

Musimane was selected as Coach of the Month 5 times in the South African League, as well as the best coach of the season 4 times and won the Best Coach of the Month award in 2016.

Musimani renewed his contract with Sundowns last May for 4 seasons. learned that Al-Ahly will thank its current coach, Rene Fyler, after facing the arsenal, after negotiations between the two parties reached a dead end. (See details)

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