FilGoal | News | Tariq Suleiman: No foreign coach in Al-Ahly has achieved results like Jose .. This is my opinion of Mustafa Schubert


Muhammad Al-Shennawi – Hamza Alaa – Mustafa Schubert – Al-Ahly

Tariq Suleiman said that Mustafa Schubert, the Al-Ahly goalkeeper, is promising and has a personality and a high reaction, whether with his hands or feet, and he also stressed that all foreign coaches in Al-Ahly did not give any of them the response that is similar to what the Portuguese Manuel Jose did.

Suleiman said in response to those who participate in the arsenal meeting at the goalkeeping center, saying: “Ali Lotfi was injured by Corona and he was away two weeks ago, so it is difficult to participate, as he has not trained with the ball for a while.”

He added, “I was the first to escalate Mustafa Schubert, as he is a promising guard.

In another context, Tariq Suleiman talked about another phenomenon, saying, “There is no longer a coach who remains in the club for more than a year. In the past, the foreign coach used to stay for years like Tasubel, but times have changed completely, and the pressures of social media have become very difficult, as well as in Zamalek and other clubs The pressures are different. ”

And he continued, “Al-Ahly is dealing with urgent circumstances, and is trying to reduce losses. It decided the league 7 rounds before a big difference from its rivals, and there is an important tournament that has been absent for 7 years. Club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib manages things very professionally and tries to find an alternative quickly.”

“With the exception of Jose, all of the foreign coaches, none of them gave the response that resembles Jose, Manuel Jose reads a lot and merged unnaturally with the players and the Egyptian people, and was treated as if he were Egyptian.”

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al-Tarsana in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, on Wednesday evening.


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