FilGoal | News | Tariq Yahya: In Sharqi, I apologize, and there is no problem … and I have great pity on Tariq Hamed


Tariq Yahya, who led Zamalek in his last game as a coach before leaving the job for Jimmy Pacheco, revealed that Ashraf Bencharki apologized to him for what happened in front of El Gouna.

Zamalek defeated El Gouna 4-3 in an exciting match in the 30th round of the Egyptian League. (See the details)

Tariq Yahya said: “All greetings to the El Gouna team and the coaching staff. The team played a big match, but we allowed it.”

He added in his comments on Ontime Sports channel after the match, “We were 3-1 ahead and things were good, but our defense in set pieces was very bad.”

He continued, “All thanks to the Zamalek players, despite the very severe state of stress for everyone.”

He noted, “I rested many players and I would have liked Tariq Hamed to be rested as well, but unfortunately, I did not have many options due to Sassi’s return after an absence of injury.”

He revealed, “Tariq Hamed asked for a change at the end of the match and I told him that he could not. He was very, very pityful due to the pressure of the matches.”

Regarding a shot by Sharqi and his interception while leaving the stadium, Tariq Yahya said: “Bencharki, I apologize to me and there is no problem.”

“Bencharki is a beautiful player and he just wanted to complete the match, and in the end he apologized to me, and there is no problem at all.”

The match witnessed the presence of Jaime Pacheco, the new Portuguese coach for the team, from the stands, while Tariq Yahya led the match from the bench.

Mahmoud Alaa scored two goals, Ahmed Mustafa “Zizo”, and Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” the goals of Zamalek, while Walter Bawalia scored two goals, and Louai Wael scored a goal for El Gouna.

The victory raised Zamalek’s balance to the 61st point in second place, while El Gounas balance was frozen at the 31st point in the 13th place.


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