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Egyptian tennis champion Mayar Sherif expressed her happiness with Mohamed Salah’s support after achieving a number of achievements in the Roland Garros tournament, one of the major tournaments “Grand Slam”.

Mayar Sharif had achieved the first victory for an Egyptian player in the Grand Slam tournaments, as she was or an Egyptian woman reaching the main role.

Regarding Mohamed Salah’s support, Mayar said: “Of course he is an inspiring person because he is one of the best soccer players in the world.”

“To see a very successful person like him support successful people in his country is wonderful,” she added.

“This gives you the positive effect of learning that there are good people around you,” Mayar added.

Mayar Sherif … the golden girl of Egypt who turned her dream into a reality

When asked whether Mohamed Salah gave you advice, she replied: “No, it did not happen, and I hope that he will do that. It will be very nice.”

“I would like to ask him how to break the barrier of belief in what he is doing, or to be the first to achieve something big as a person coming from Egypt,” she added.

She completed her statements, “How did he pass by that? What are the stages of reaching the point he has reached now?”


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