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Tomorrow the days will pass and you will be here to support me. A dream from Mayar Sharif that she shared with her family as she watched one of the Roland Garros tennis tournaments.

Mayar’s dream was met with a smile from her sister Dalia, and her response was a challenge.They’ll all come and you don’t According to her other sister Rana.

Today, Tuesday morning, all Egyptians turned their attention to the Roland Garros tennis tournament, one of the major tournaments, but this time to support an Egyptian champion named Mayar Sharif.

This week, Mayar achieved a number of records in the history of Egyptian women’s tennis, becoming the first Egyptian to win a major tournament “Grand Slam” and also becoming the first Egyptian to reach the main round in the Roland Garros tournament.

The adventure of the 172nd-ranked Mayar Sharif in the world ended in a more than wonderful way after losing to the world’s fourth and second ranked Czech Karolina Pliskova in the championship, with great difficulty in two sets to one.

The beginning of the dream:

Mayar Sharif was born in May 1996 – 24 years old – and began her tennis career since her childhood at the age of five.

Mayar played tennis like her older sister Rana, and her sisters Dalia and Rawan also play the game.

Mayar was very attached to the game and her ambition to participate professionally became like the heroes you see on television.

“I remember when I was 13 years old and I jumped from joy to the crowning of Roger Federer with the title,” Mayar said in remarks to the official Roland Garros website.

وفتعت “I try to achieve an achievement that will last for many years.”

Rana, Mayar’s older sister, wrote through her personal account “We were watching the Roland Garros championship before, and Mayar said to my mother, tomorrow the day will come when you will be on the stadium to support me. My sister Dalia laughed to say Mayar you all come but she.”.

Mayar began her journey with the game towards realizing her dreams, gradually in different academies and clubs.

Mayar starred in the junior stage and climbed into the world rankings at that stage, before leaving the competitions for a while.

New obstacle:

Mayar stopped participating in the junior championships after graduating from school before joining Berden University in California, USA.

During that period, Mayar joined the tennis team at her university and participated in many university tournaments and achieved distinguished records at the individual and doubles level.

She used to visit Mayar Egypt at that point periodically and participate in a few tournaments such as the one that was held in Sharm El-Sheikh in order to be in the world ranking.

In 2017, Mayar won the number one in the largest university championships in the Western Division in America.

Her sister Rana said on her page about the incident, “We were happy with what Mayar achieved at that time. After winning the number one in the largest university tournaments, she defeated Tunisian Anas Jaber in the Canadian Open qualifiers.”

وفتعت “There are those who faced this with sarcasm, because it is an insignificant local tournament, and Mayar’s travel to the university in America stopped her career and it is difficult for her to return again..

Mayar finished her university career in 2018 and graduated with a degree in sports medicine, specifically in tennis injuries.

2019 turning point:

Mayar graduated from the university and started again the steps to turn her dream into reality and play at a professional level.

Mayar did not start in the major tournaments and actually managed to advance in the world ranking and reached among the top 300 players in the world.

The major turning point was in August, when she participated in the African Games in Morocco, and Mayar achieved the gold medal in the competition at the individual and doubles levels.

Mayar qualified for the Olympic Games in Tokyo as the first Egyptian to participate in the Olympiad at the level of tennis, but only on condition that her classification be among the top 300 players in the world before the start of the tournament and its time was No. 212.

Mayar became famous among Egyptian followers after qualifying for the Olympiad, and everyone waited for what she would present during the coming period.

The dream turned into reality:

Mayar’s dream came true to participate in one of the major tournaments “Grand Slam” when she participated in the Australian Open last January.

Mayar played American Anne Lee in the preliminary first role in the quest to write history and fulfill the dream of qualifying for the main role.

As expected, Mayar was eliminated from the preliminary round, but with a loss that was close to two sets, 3-6, 5-7.

Mayar’s dream turned into reality this time when she participated in the Roland Garros tournament. She spoke with her family that one day she would be here and they would come to support her like these heroes.

Mayar succeeded last week in writing history by beating Colombian Maria Osorio in two sets without a response (6-4, 6-0). Mayar’s victory echoed widely because she became the first Egyptian player in history to win a match in a major tournament “Grand Slam”.

Mayar’s ambition, ranked 172nd in the world, did not stop there, and she succeeded in the second preliminary round by defeating 120th-ranked American Katie McNally in the world in two groups without pay (6-2, 6-4).

Mayar became a step away from writing a new history as the first Egyptian to reach the main role in the Grand Slam tournament, specifically Roland Garros, and she defeated Julia Gatto, ranked 156 in Italy, with the same score (6-1, 6-3) to enter history.

Mayar qualified for the main role, clashing with the world’s fourth-ranked Czech Karolina Pliskova, second in the tournament, and it was expected that our Egyptian heroine would lose easily, but that did not happen.

Mayar performed more than wonderful and won the first set 7-6 before losing in the second 2-6 and in the deciding set, Mayar narrowly lost 4-6 to graduate the golden Egyptian girl with a head up in front of the world.

Wide praises:

Mayar Sharif has been widely acclaimed for her brilliant achievement at Roland Garros both locally and internationally.

Even Pliskova said of her after the match, “It was a very difficult game and I think I played well and it’s a very tough opponent.”

The British newspaper, The Guardian, was praised for what she presented during the match and said: “Mayar Sharif, with her forehand style, excellent moves and resourcefulness, made her confrontation a hell for Pelskova, and she refused to give up. We will see more Mayar in the coming years and it will be wonderful if she inspires more players. Egyptians and Africans to step in. ”

As for the French magazine L’Equipe, it said: “Mayar Sherif, the Egyptian ranked No. 172 in the world and the first player from her country to participate in a major tennis tournament, made things quite difficult for Belskova in a match that lasted for two and a quarter hours.”

As for the official website of the tennis federation, he said: “Sherif performed an unforgettable performance and broke two serves for Pelskova in the first set, but that was not enough to annoy the Czechs more.”

He praised the achievement of Mayar Egyptian champions in various games, headed by Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool and the Egyptian national team, who revealed through the “Instagram” website his view of the historical match of the Egyptian champion.

Also, the squash stars Ali Farag and Nour El-Sherbiny, who previously led the world rankings, praised Mayar’s achievement and their watching of the match despite their participation today in a major international squash tournament.

What’s Next:

Do Mayar’s ambitions stop at that achievement? Certainly, this is not what the Egyptian heroine could wish for or even the followers who clung to her level and won their approval.

In previous statements to Roland Garros, Mayar said: “I always followed the list of the top 100 players in the world, I wondered why we were not here?”

“I walk step by step towards my dreams, and I hope to reach that list someday.”

Mayar’s biggest ambition now is to move towards the list of the world’s 100 best players, the 172nd-ranked Mayara had her best ranking last August when she reached the 170th position.

The second aspiration expected is more participation by Meyer in the major tournaments, Grand Slam, and more achievements.

With Mayar Sharif qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, it is certainly not expected to achieve an Olympic medal, but to achieve more achievements in the competition.


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