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The Camp Nou was lit by fireworks from Barcelona fans during the Villarreal match.

Perhaps long-term support for her team deprived of its fans due to Corona, or maybe a celebration of a new era, the era of Ronald Koman and its hero Ansu Fati. Provides the highlights of Barcelonas 4-0 victory at home to Villarreal in Koeman’s official debut.

Fati era

The uproar caused by the legend Lionel Messi during the summer and his fierce demand to leave Barcelona, ​​opened the eyes of the club fans to the bitter truth: the era after Messi.

It is true that Messi continued in the end, but he will not last until the end of time, and his legendary era will end someday.

It is also true that Messi will not be repeated and will not be matched by any other player, but there must be a new holder for the Barcelona flag, in this case Ansu Fati must be.

The Spanish international, from the start, entered into coach Koeman’s calculations and played a perfect match against Villarreal.

He scored two goals, then got the penalty kick from which his captain Messi scored the third goal, and made a lot of chaos in Villarreal’s defenses from the left flank.

Fati created two chances to score for his teammates, successfully dribbled 3 times, touched the ball 10 times inside the opponent’s penalty area, and enjoyed a passing accuracy of 83%.

He did it all very soon after his impressive debut in the Spanish national team shirt, and at only seventeen years old.

So did the Fati era begin with Leo Messi’s smile?

Tactical revolution

Sunday evening was a historic moment in Barcelonas tactical drawing, because Koeman made a very bold decision, and adopted the 4-2-3-1 method, overthrowing the classic 4-3-3 Barcelona method.

It’s as if we woke up one day and found Sir Alex Ferguson ditching 4-2-2 at Manchester United.

In Barcelona, ​​4-3-3 is a belief and not just a tactical drawing on the field, and it is surprising that the change comes from a person steeped in Barcelonas belief to the core.

Ernesto Valverde, who accused him of bulldozing Barcelonas tactical values, never dared to play in a way other than 4-3-3.

But now, this era is over, and Barcelona has returned to the ground, Barcelona no longer owns Xavi and Iniesta, and this is a fact that a number of coaches failed to absorb for years after the golden era.

With the 4-2-3-1 endorsement, Felipe Coutinho is finally hired in the logical role of the outspoken playmaker position.

But it is a way of opening the way to the end of Sergio Busquets, whose position is more threatened than ever.

Emery the Catastrophic

Losing Valencia in front of 9 Real Madrid players in the 2008 Spanish Super Cup, or Paris Saint-Germain giving up a four-goal lead against Barcelona in the 2017 UEFA Champions League, are things in common with one person: Unai Emery.

A new failure for Emery in the big matches against the two poles of Spanish football, this time as coach of Villarreal.

The Basque coach faced Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu stadiums in 24 matches, and did not achieve any victory, but lost 23 times and tied in one, scored 19 goals, and scored 75 times!

Emery entered the match with a very bold drawing, 4-4-2, with reliance on outspoken forwards and two flying wings, before retreating in terror between the two halves and adding a third focal point (Mano Trejeros) instead of his striker Paco Alcacer.

The former Arsenal coach was also criticized for not relying on young Japanese Takefusa Kubo on loan from Real Madrid for only a quarter of an hour at the end of the match.

The matter is repeated for the third match in a row, and every time Kubo brings with him remarkable activity on Villarreal’s attack, and until now Emery has not decided to push him from the start.

Messi break free

After years of Barcelona adopting Messi +10, Koeman is already on his way to lifting the heavy lifting on Messi’s shoulders.

An important statistic highlighted by the newspaper “AS” reported that Messi touched the ball only 6 times in the first 20 minutes, which is the best period for Barcelona in the match, in which he advanced with two goals without response.

This reflects Coman, who does not want the team to rely entirely on Messi, as was the case with his predecessors.

The Argentine created only one chance to score in the match, fewer than Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto, Frenkie de Jong and Anso Fati.

Rather, Jordi Albas launches from the left side are no longer primarily dependent on Messi’s splendid passing as it was in the past.

And even Alba crosses backwards are not necessarily aimed at Messi’s left foot.

And an invitation to realism

It was a dazzling first half, full of what Barcelona fans had missed for a very long time, and the fireworks in the second half were the completion of the picture full of mesmerizing colors.

But the picture will not always be that bright, as Emery’s reckless tactic may have contributed to this Catalan celebration in the first half.

And like any experience, it cannot be judged from its inception, positive or negative.

We have to wait to see Barcelona face a more realistic coach and a more cohesive and banned team.

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