FilGoal | News | Tired: Fyler only looked under his feet … and I salute the Al-Ahly administration for its decision


Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly star, believes that Rene Fyler, the coach of Al-Ahmar, did not look at his future with the team and took an inconsiderable step.

“Fyler is a good coach, he performed well with Al-Ahly and won the league, but he did not look away and only looked under his feet,” Muteb said on Ontime Sports.

“He could have won more tournaments with Al-Ahly, crowned the African championship and participated in the Club World Cup,” he added.

“For me, thinking about materialities more is always losing thinking, and that’s roughly what Fyler went for.”

He continued, “I wish Fyler was frank with Al-Ahly and asked to leave because he received an offer from one of the other clubs.”

He pointed out, “The name Fyler appeared more and more after he presented a good level with Al-Ahly, so he received other offers and before he took over Al-Ahly training, he was not known enough.”

He concluded his remarks, “But Fyler dealt with Al-Ahly in this way and set impossible conditions for renewal. I did not like it. Therefore, I salute the Al-Ahly board of directors for the decision to thank him and hire another coach.” learned that Al-Ahly will thank its current coach, Rene Fyler, after facing the arsenal, after negotiations between the two parties reached a dead end. (See the details)

Al-Ahly contacted Musimane during the past hours and found a state of welcome among the South African coach, who resigned hours before the Sundowns training, according to reports in South Africa. (See the details) revealed that Al-Ahly completed its agreement with South African Pitso Musimane, to succeed the Swiss coach, Rene Fyler, in training Al-Ahmar. (See the details)


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