FilGoal | News | Under Pachecos watch, Zamalek defeat El Gouna +94 in an epic match


Zamalek players celebrate Ahmed Sayed Zizou’s goal in El Gouna

In an epic match, Zamalek defeated El Gouna, progressing and establishing themselves in second place under the watchful eye of Pacheco.

Zamalek defeated El Gouna 4-3 at Cairo Stadium, in the 30th round of the Egyptian League matches.

The match witnessed the presence of Jaime Pacheco, the new Portuguese coach for the team, from the stands, while Tariq Yahya led the match from the bench.

Mahmoud Alaa scored two goals, Ahmed Mustafa “Zizo”, and Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” the goals of Zamalek, while Walter Bawalia scored two goals, and Louai Wael scored a goal for El Gouna.

The victory raised Zamalek’s balance to the 61st point in second place, while El Gounas balance was frozen at the 31st point in the 13th place.


Tariq Yahya chose to start with Kabongo Kasongo as an outspoken striker in the interim coach’s last match with the team.

On the other hand, Hazem Imam returned to the right-back position, and Imam Ashour was next to Tariq Hamed in the middle of the stadium.

On the other hand, Walter Bwalya began attacking El Gouna alone, on the orders of Reza Shehata, the new coach.

Description of the match

Zamalek began threatening the El Gouna goal from the first minute. Kasungu was alone and shot, but from afar, to turn Islam Tariq into a corner.

Hazem Imam also sent a cross in the third minute, and Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” met it with a shot over the goal.

Goal opposite

Against the pressure of Zamalek, El Gouna advanced with a first goal in the 14th minute. Amouri committed a violation, Walter Bwalya met with a header in the net of Jensh, recording the first.

Zamalkawi pressure

Zamalek returned to pressure here and almost equalized quickly. A breakthrough from Bencharki and a pass to Obama, who passed the ball to Kasungu in front of the empty goal, but Nguyem intervenes at the last moment and saves it from Kasungu in the 16th minute.

Akram Tawfiq hit a powerful ball in the 27th minute, but just above the goal.

El Gouna made his first emergency substitution in the 32nd minute, by entering Alain Champadi instead of Basem Ali with the injury.

In the 39th minute, Zamalek equalized. A foul committed by Ahmed Mostafa “Zizou” directly into the goal, deceptively.

Guest pressure

El Gouna was the most dangerous after the goal. Walter Bwalya almost brought back up quickly in the 41st minute with a header that passed by the post shortly.

In the 43rd minute, Louai Wael hit a header from a corner, Hazem Imam saved her from the goal line, to bounce back to Luay again and turn her header, but Abdullah Jumaa saved her again from the goal line, and the first half ended in a draw.

Second half

El Gouna coach Reda Shehata started the second half with two substitutions. Ahmed Hamdy and Muhammad Mohsen participated in “Laila” instead of Ahmed Magdy and Islam Rushdie.

Goal and substitutions

Zamalek, try to click here to score the second. Bencharki penetrated and sent a cross in the 54th minute to Kasungu, who received the ball and turned around, but the defense cut it off.

Then the second goal finally came in the 55th minute. A cross from Hazem Imam to Bencharki, who dribbles with great skill and sends a cross that collides with the chest of Louay Wael, and Obama follows it in the empty goal.

Tariq Yahya intervened here and made three direct substitutions. Ferjani Sassi, Mustafa Mohamed and Islam Jaber participated in the place of Ashraf Bencharki, Imam Ashour, and Kabongo Kasungu in the 56th minute.

On the other hand, Reda Shehata responded by entering Ahmed Yasser Rayan instead of Serge Aka in the 60th minute.

Kill match

Jensh shone in the 62nd minute and made a wonderful save for Walter Bwalias header and turned it into a corner.

Then Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” got a penalty kick in the 64th minute from a wonderful individual effort, and Mahmoud Alaa scored in the net, scoring the third goal.

The fourth substitution, Tariq Yahya, was in the 69th minute, with Mohamed Hassan entering instead of Youssef Ibrahim “Obama”, while El-Gouna responded by entering S

Coup in the encounter

El Gouna scored a second goal in the 68th minute with a ball that Walter Bwalia snatched for himself, and he hit the net in Jensh.

The match stopped for drinking, and after the return, El Gouna scored the equalizer directly in the 71st minute. A foul that Louay Wael met with a header in the net of Jensh, scoring a tie.

Mustafa Fathy participated immediately after the goal, instead of Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” in the 72nd minute.

A deadly target

Zamalek’s attempts to score the winning goal continued unsuccessfully until the last minutes. Ahmed Al-Ghandour, the referee, counted six minutes as lost time.

Abdullah Jumaa penetrated in the 91st minute and was blocked by Luay Wael inside the penalty area. Al-Ghandour said nothing, but after returning to video technology, he awarded a penalty.

Mahmoud Alaa advanced to implement the penalty kick and scored it successfully, to score the fourth goal for Zamalek and his second in the match.

The goal is Mahmoud Alaa’s 41st in the league championship historically.

Mustafa Muhammad was alone in the 94th minute and almost added the fifth, but he shot in the hands of Islam Tariq.

Al-Winch also almost added the fifth from a cross, but his head hit the crossbar, to end the meeting with Zamalek winning 4 to 3.

The victory raised Zamalek’s balance to the 61st point in second place, while El Gounas balance was frozen at the 31st point in the 13th place.


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