FilGoal | News | What is between you, the stand and the bar, Brighton? A penalty kick that writes an exciting victory for Manchester United in the +90


Bruno Fernandes – Marcus Rashford – Manchester United

The Brighton players did not know before they came to the floor of the “AMX Stadium” that the post and the crossbar would stand against a barrage of shots on David de Geas goal.

An exciting scenario that the match witnessed in the final seconds after Brighton drew in the 95th minute, and Bruno Fernandes scored the winning goal in the tenth minute of time instead of lost.

Manchester United won 3-2 at the opening of the third round of the English Premier League and scored their first victory in the league after losing to Crystal Palace 3-1 in the last round.

5 times sympathy with the players and the crossbar with De Gea, including 3 shots by the Belgian Leandro Trussard, whose shots did not hit the Spaniard.

The Belgian became the first player to hit the post and the crossbar 3 times in one match since Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008 with Manchester United.

Video technology was also crucial in the match, canceling a penalty kick for Brighton, then a goal for Manchester United, and then a penalty kick in the +98.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made 3 changes to the starting team for the Crystal Palace match.

Nemanja Matic, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Mason Greenwood, replacing Scott McTomenay, Fuso Mensah and Daniel James, re-established.

30 minutes difficult

Brighton players dominated the game early, in the ninth minute Trussard fired a ball from outside the penalty area, bouncing off De Chias left post.

In the 21st minute, Bruno Fernandes got a yellow card, and the next minute directly, the Belgian fired another ball, that time off the right post.

With 30 minutes into the first half, the crossbar hit Neil Mobay’s header, appearing 3 times within half an hour.

Only 3 minutes later Mason Greenwood scored the lead for the Red Devils, but was canceled due to the offside of Marcus Rashford, who passed the cross.

Decipher jinx

The goal came in the 40th minute for Brighton, Brighton back Tariq Lamptey was blocked by Bruno inside the penalty area, and Mobay deposited her in the net in the manner of “Panenka”.

It was only two minutes until the United players scored a tie, a fixed ball by Bruno, which passed by everyone to Matic, who sent a short cross into the six-yard area to deposit Louis Dunk by mistake.

Video controller technology

The second minute of the half saw Paul Pogba award a penalty kick to Brighton player Connolly, but after reviewing the video technology, the referee’s decision was canceled.

In the 52nd minute, Marcus Rashford scored the lead for United, but video technology appeared again to cancel the goal due to his offside.

The English scorer scored from the next attempt directly with a wonderful goal, after throwing a long ball from Bruno into the back of Brighton defenses, to launch into the space and dodge 3 defenders and land the ball in the net.

Return to the stand and the bar and a deadly goal

The post stood again, “fourth” with De Gea, after blocking Mobay’s shot and passed behind him without going home in the 61st minute.

In the 77th minute, the post responded to Trussard’s missile strike from inside the penalty area.

De Gea starred in the second minute of time, instead of lost and blocked a goal for Trussard from inside the six-yard area after he took advantage of the defensive confusion.

But the fifth minute of substitute time saw Solmon Marsh equalize with a header after a cross passed by everyone.

The same player removed Maguire’s header from the goal line in the seventh minute of time, instead of lost, but the referee awarded a penalty after returning to the video after touching the ball to Neil Mobay’s hand.

Bruno Fernandes shot the shot and scored it to the left of goalkeeper Matteo Ryan in the tenth minute of time, instead of lost, to snatch the Red Devils’ first victory.

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