Fish eye and skin tags are an indication of cancer .. A new episode from Walid Clinic


The new episode of “Walid Clinic”, which is broadcast on the seventh day TV, reveals how the virus causes the HPV In the incidence of cervical cancer in women and the penis in men, where the presence of the virus is indicated by infection with the eye of the fish and the presence of acacia and skin growths on the surface of the skin of both sexes.

Walid Clinic’s program presented by colleague Walid Abdel Salam shows that there is a spread of what is called fish eye, skin tags and acacia among many citizens, which requires the need to visit the doctor, check-up and conduct the necessary analyzes to prevent the spread of the virus infection. HPV In the body, which can cause cancer of the skin, penis and cervix in women.

The Walid Clinic program said that 80% of women in the world during different stages of life are exposed to infection with the virus HPV He pointed out that there are 220 types of it and it has a vaccine that reduces the risk of infection with the virus, but it does not completely prevent infection by 100 %.

He explained that women are more infected with the virus than others, and the disease settles in the body from 7 to 10 years without appearing, and it is suddenly detected. The symptoms are repeated vaginal secretions, the presence of bad-smelling secretions, pain during the marital relationship and disturbance in the menstrual cycle.

The program said that cervical cancer assassinates the dream of childbearing among women, especially after it has passed the first stage, which causes a hysterectomy, stressing that 63% of women with cervical tumors die from blood poisoning because of its effects on neighboring organs such as the kidneys. He continued: Detecting the disease at a stage A snap ensures the woman maintains 100% reproductive capacity %.

The program clarifies protection mechanisms by conducting a test to detect cervical tumors for married or previously married women every 3 years from the age of 25 to 49 years and every 5 years among women from 50 to 65 years old.


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