For diabetics and heart … Learn about the benefits of guava


Guava is one of the delicious fruits that everyone loves and is rich in many nutrients important to human health, as it contains fiber and vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C and thiamine.

Guava also contains important minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorous, which are beneficial for heart health, strengthening immunity and others, and below we list the most important health benefits of guava.

Health benefits of guava for the body:

Immune booster:
Guava is rich in vitamin C 4 times more than oranges, so guava helps to strengthen immunity.

Good for diabetics:
Diabetics should eat Guava, As it contains fiber that has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels as well as it reduces diabetes complications and regulates blood levels.

Heart protection:
Eating guava helps you protect your heart, to help it restore the balance between potassium and sodium, which works to regulate blood pressure and reduce harmful cholesterol and triglycerides, which prevents exposure to heart disease and strokes.

Cancer prevention:
Guava helps prevent the growth of cancer cells, as it contains lycopene and polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants, as well as containing vitamin C, which is important for preventing cancer, and studies have shown that guava has the ability to protect against prostate and breast cancer.

Strengthen the digestive system:
Guava is a good source of fiber that helps protect the digestive system, which helps to get rid of constipation, because it is one of the laxatives that helps to regulate healthy bowel movement. If it is eaten without seed.

Improve eyesight:
Guava has a high content of vitamin A and many vitamins and minerals that help promote eye health, which helps protect from exposure to some diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration and other diseases that affect the eye.

Benefits of guava for pregnant women:
Guava is a good fruit for pregnant women because it contains folic acid, which is recommended for pregnant women, as it helps protect and promote the growth of the nervous system of the fetus, which helps protect against exposure to nervous disorders.

Benefits of guava for slimming:
Guava helps to regulate the metabolism, which helps in losing weight, and guava is one of the snacks that helps to feel full and reduce appetite, as well as it contains a low percentage of sugar compared to other types of fruits, including apples, and guava contains the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. For slimming.


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