For healthy and beautiful nails … avoid these mistakes


Taking care of the health and beauty of nails is one of the most important things that every woman seeks, but there are some mistakes that you commit daily that affect the health and beauty of your nails and make them weak and elegant, get to know them as stated by Zahrat Al Khaleej website:

Peeling off the gel nail polish

It must be removed properly with a polish remover so that the surface layers of the nails are not damaged, making them weak and easily broken.

Cut the skin around the nails

Because cutting it makes it tough and prone to infections, and to soften this area, you must use a special liquid to dissolve dry skin.

Moving the file left and right when forming the nails

These movements weaken the nails and make them easily breakable. It is correct to move the file in one direction to obtain the desired shape.

Shake the nail polish bottle to mix the formula

This movement causes air bubbles to form inside the liquid and appear on your nails after painting them .. All you have to do is roll the bottle between your hands to move the paint and mix the formula before using it.


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