For teeth free from caries .. List of beneficial and harmful foods


Healthy foods are especially beneficial for dental health, and some dental problems indicate a poor diet or are due to eating foods that attack it.

German dentist Stefan Zimmer explained that tooth decay is due to the wrong nutrition, as caries arises due to eating a lot of low-molecular carbohydrates, that is, sugar.

The bacteria on dental deposits use sugar to produce acids that, in turn, cause tooth decay.

Zimmer pointed out that it does not just depend on what we eat, but when and how.

He explained that during breaks between meals, complex oral processes occur; There are bacteria deposits, which produce acids from sugar, then the pH value drops to a low level, and the plaque on the teeth is removed.

Zimmer added that it takes about three-quarters of an hour for the pH to exceed this value again. During this time the tooth is weak.

The good news is that the body will regulate this by itself if it takes time to do so. This means taking a break for several hours between meals and not eating a snack or drinking anything in between.

Vegetables are an ideal meal

And vegetables are the right choice for inter-meal. Since they contain fewer sugars and need more chewing, such as celery sticks rich in fiber, which cleans teeth to some extent, and pepper and carrots are also beneficial.

For those who prefer sweet foods, they can eat apples, which are not high in sugar or oranges.

On the contrary, eating fruits high in sugar, such as bananas, requires the use of a toothbrush immediately afterwards.

Zimmer believes that he prefers to drink orange juice in large sips instead of drinking over and over again because the juice does not stick to the teeth and the consequent attack of the acid present in it.

Avoid foods that stick to the teeth

It is also preferred to eat foods that do not stick to the teeth. As their stickiness causes it to be difficult to wash and last longer on the teeth, thus damaging the teeth; Potato chips, for example, stick to chewing surfaces and cause damage to them with their high carbohydrate content.

Important vitamins

In general, vitamins play an important role in maintaining the health of the teeth and the mouth as a whole. Fruits and vegetables with green leaves and yellow vegetables contain a lot of vitamin A, and this in turn is beneficial to the mucous membrane lining the mouth.

Vitamin C helps to have strong teeth, while Vitamin D is very important for the growth and strength of the teeth.


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