For the first time, Hamada Hilal presents the kings and queens ceremony for children


Artist Hamada Hilal is preparing for the activities of his first-of-its-kind concert of beauty kings and queens for a beauty company on October 2nd in Zamalek.

Hamada Hilal expressed his happiness for his participation in the ceremony, saying, “I thank the organizers of the festival to the kings and queens of beauty for children for choosing to revive this important event, which is the first competition in Egypt specialized for children, so that I can share their joy with their success on this day. I am very closely related to children, and therefore I offer them songs of their own from time to time, the child is very intelligent and does not accept any song, he is smarter than the old person, and therefore the song must attract him in order to hear it.

Hilal assured that he would present as many of his songs as possible, including The Sandak Mouse and SpongeBob.

Dr. Ezzat Sami, the owner of the idea of ​​the competition, also confirmed that he chose the artist Hamada Hilal because of his love for children and his popularity among children.

As for the festival, it was mentioned that the competition began in December last year and was supposed to end at the beginning of March, but the final qualifiers, the closing ceremony and the distribution of prizes were postponed due to the Corona virus.

He confirmed that 8 winners will be presented instead of only a king and a queen, as the vote for three queens and three kings has also become the administration of the festival randomly, a summer and a female hostess on the air via Facebook a few days ago.

The organizer of the ceremony, Professor Mohamed Mounir, explained that there will be entertaining paragraphs, and prizes will be distributed to the winners, and there will be an elite group of specialists in the medical field for children and some celebrities and stars, and the opening paragraphs include a speech by Dr.


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