Free .. The Film Center announces the screening of new Moroccan films on the Internet


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The Moroccan Film Center announced today, Tuesday, the launch of a new session of the process of displaying Moroccan films on its website, which will be devoted to the memory of the late artist Soraya Gebran, as of next October 2, which coincides with the commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of her death.

The Moroccan Film Center stated in a communique that this process will allow lovers of the Moroccan seventh art to discover or re-watch a group of patriotic cinematic works in which the late Thuraya Gebran played first roles, adding that on this occasion, it offers, again, the most sincere expressions of condolences to the members of the young family of the deceased, as well as For her large cultural and artistic family.

The same source added that each of these films will be shown on the Internet for a full week, and will be available for viewing throughout the day, indicating that the program of screenings can be viewed on the center’s website “” , Starting from the second of next October.

In this context, the Moroccan Film Center once again extended its sincere thanks to all those with the rights of these films who, spontaneously and generously, agreed to join this initiative without any compensation.

It is noteworthy that the Moroccan Film Center launched, since last March 31, a program to display a group of Moroccan feature films via the Internet during the quarantine period, a process that, according to the center, met “great success.”


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