Fyler from Al-Salam Stadium to the residence hotel and then the airport after the end of his relationship with Al-Ahly


Swiss coach Rene Fyler, Al-Ahly coach, went to Cairo airport after the end of the Arsenal match with the Egypt Cup, in preparation for traveling to his country after the end of his relationship with Al-Ahly, and “Youm Seven” learned that Fyler left Al-Ahly Stadium in peace after the end of the Arsenal match in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, in which Al-Ahmar won with two goals He went to his hotel of residence to collect his belongings, then went to Cairo Airport to travel to his country after he had previously booked a flight ticket back to his country after the end of his relationship with the Red Castle.

Al-Ahly will announce tomorrow, Thursday, the appointment of South African Betsu Musimane as technical director of the team, succeeding Fyler, whose conditions for staying with the team for a month until the end of the African Champions League were rejected by the management of the Red Castle, and the Al-Ahlia administration insisted that the Swiss technical manager that the club had hired before would not remain. About 13 months.

Rene Fyler left the press conference after facing the arsenal to object to a journalist’s question about the reasons for his dismissal from coaching the team, and Fyler confirmed before his departure that his team dominated the match and scored two early goals before the arsenal scored a goal and returned to the atmosphere of the match, but his team succeeded in maintaining progress in the result Until the end of the game.

وصعد Al-Ahly For the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup after winning over Al-Tarsana with two goals for a goal during the match that brought them together this evening, Wednesday, at Al-Ahly Stadium in El-Salam City in the Round of 16 of the Egypt Cup..Al-Ahly’s double scored, while Ibrahim Mansour scored the goal of Al-Tarsana.


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