Fyler: The historic triple is my goal, and I will not turn to rumors, and my fate will be decided with Al-Ahly management


He refused the coach of the club’s first football team Ahly Renee Fyler, talking about his future with the Red Castle, stressing that he will not be distracted by rumors, and will not disclose the details of his contract, indicating that it is a matter within his jurisdiction with the club management.

Wafaz Ahly On the club Egypt With three goals, Amr Al-Sulaia, Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba and Nigerian Junior Ajay scored in the match that was held in the 29th round of the competition. Egyptian League.

“We started the match compressively, scored an early goal, and we managed to win, and I think the players did well,” Fyler said at the press conference after the match.

He added, “I focus completely on the matches, and it is my right to see my family, especially in light of the circumstances of Corona, and I do not like to be part of the rumors that are launched in the recent period, currently I am currently focusing on my work.”

He continued, “Ahmed Fathi was involved in the wing center, because there was a crisis in it during the previous matches, and he tried the players in order to search for solutions. We started well in the current season at the level of the wings, but after the return there were not many solutions, so the aim of the experiment is to search for Solutions”.

He pointed out, “It is difficult to assess Hussein Al-Shahat after his long absence, but we are happy with his return, especially since his absence is long, and therefore he will get the opportunity to play gradually.”

Fyler added, “I will not talk about the issue of my contract or the terms in it. They are private internal affairs that are discussed within the club, and they should not be discussed in the media.”

And he added, “When I traveled to Switzerland, there are 9 out of 10 people who said he would not return, but I went back and continued my career and I have nothing to do with these rumors. We play for the sake of achieving championships with Al-Ahly and my fate will discuss it with the club’s management only.”

He concluded by saying, “Our goal is to achieve the next two championships, the African Champions League and the Cup Egypt After investigation Egyptian LeagueI want to achieve the triple with Al-Ahly. ”

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