Fyler’s quarrel with Ahmed Fathy ignites Al-Ahly club’s dressing room


The past few years witnessed a thrilling crisis between the Swiss coach, Rene Fyler, Al-Ahly coach, and Ahmed Fathy, the team’s player, because the former refused to play the “captain” role within the team, which clearly angered Ahmed Fathy.

The crisis began when the coach refused to let Ahmed Fathi play the role of the leader on the field or in the lectures, and the Swiss coach said to Ahmed Fathi: You do not have a leadership role in the team .. There are captains who have the right to direct their colleagues and convey my instructions to the players and convey the players ’demands to me .. As for you, it is not Your right to play this leadership role.

Fyler’s position with Ahmed Fathy sparked the revolution of the latter, who criticized the behavior of the former, especially as he was performing his role to the fullest as one of the captain of the team. Fathy complained that Fyler ignored him in terms of artistic participation, as he was excluded from his technical calculations and attacked the young back, Mohamed Hani, as he ignored his leadership role.

Fyler’s relationship with Ahmed Fathy has grown tense in the last period due to the recent situation, which made there a state of apathy between the coach, who will leave Al-Ahly after the Arsenal match this evening, Wednesday, in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup and Fathi, who will also leave for Pyramids next season for non-renewal His contract with Al-Ahly.

Fyler’s quarrels, with Ahmed Fathy, were not the only ones in Al-Ahly’s dressing room. The past period witnessed several crises for the Swiss coach with some Al-Ahmar players, most notably the Moroccan Walid Azaro, the striker of the team, which was the cause of Azzaros departure to the Saudi agreement last January on a loan for a period of six months, as well as his crisis With Saleh Jumaa, the team’s player, which caused the player to be frozen.


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