Fyler’s quarrel with Ahmed Fathy ignites the Al-Ahly club’s dressing room


The last few years witnessed an exciting crisis between the Swiss coach, Rene Fyler, Al-Ahly coach, and Ahmed Fathi, the team’s player, which sparked a revolution of the latter, who strongly criticized the first’s behavior.

Fyler’s relationship with Ahmed Fathy has become more tense in the past period, which has caused a state of apathy between the coach, who will leave Al-Ahly after the Arsenal match this evening, Wednesday, in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup and Fathy, who will also leave for Pyramids next season for not renewing his contract with Al-Ahly .

Fyler’s quarrels, with Ahmed Fathy, were not the only ones in Al-Ahly’s dressing room. The past period witnessed several crises for the Swiss coach with some Al-Ahmar players, most notably the Moroccan Walid Azaro, the striker of the team, which was the cause of Azzaros departure to the Saudi agreement last January on a loan for a period of six months, as well as his crisis With Saleh Jumaa, the team’s player, which caused the player to be frozen.

Renee Weiler booked a ticket to his native Switzerland today, Wednesday, after the end of his team’s match against Al-Arsenal in the Egyptian Cup, scheduled for eight in the evening, at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium in the round of sixteen matches of the tournament.

The last scene between Al-Ahly and Fyler remains ambiguous amid confused questions about whether the Red Castle administration intends to honor the Swiss coach for his accomplishments with Al-Ahly before packing his bags and leaving, as is the habit of the Century Club in ending his relations with his foreign coaches, or the club officials reject this method to end his relationship with Fyler on the grounds that the Swiss coach has set Al-Ahly is in trouble before the Moroccan Wydad confrontation and left in an unwanted way from the fans of the red jersey or the lack of time between the end of the Arsenal match and the date of the Fyler plane, the starring role in ending the trip without an honoring ceremony.


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